Eagles corner Cary Williams didn't want to talk about all his reasons for not liking the idea of joint training camp practices with the New England Patriots week after next, but reporters knew if they kept asking, Cary Williams being Cary Williams, he eventually would come clean.

"I'm trying not to go into details about it or disrespect that organization, because I give that organization all the credit in the world," Williams said after Friday's training camp session. "But one fact still remains. They haven't won a Super Bowl since they got caught."

Eagles fans with memories of Super Bowl XXXIX are generally aware of this fact. The Patriots were found to have taped other teams' practices, in violation of league rules.

"They're cheaters ... I know you're going to be looking at the (Eagles practice) film when we go out there ... we'll be watching film of them," Williams said. "I don't want to show them my cards. That's just me."

Earlier, Williams said: I just don't like 'em. I played 'em three or four times in a row (when Williams was in Baltimore). I feel the same way about the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don't like them either. That's just been my upbringing. Now I'm starting not to like any team in this division."


Wide receivers Riley Cooper and Jeff Maehl were wearing right-foot walking boots Friday. Asked about Cooper before practice, Chip Kelly reiterated that he should be back on the field in a few days. No one knew to ask about Maehl, who practiced Thursday. Cooper referred reporters to head athletic trainer Chris Peduzzi, who is not available for interviews.