Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo said he has been so regimented with his weekly schedule and focused on the Redskins that he has had no time to worry about public criticism, Castillo sasid today during his weekly news conference.

Castillo told reporters that defense wins championships and the defense needs to help get wins. He said he is disappointed that the team is 1-4.

Castillo said he spent yesterday focused on how to stop the Redskins' run game, not on reports that the team was considering bringing in a defensive consultant. "Coach Reid hasn't talked to me about anything," the first-year coordinator said.

Castillo also said that he knows how to teach and that the second half of the Buffalo game was something the defense can build upon.

He said second-round pick Jaiquawn Jarrett is working with the first team this week at safety, splitting reps with Kurt Coleman. Castillo said he hopes to get Jarrett on the field Sunday on defense. Jarrett has been active for only one game, and got on the field only on special teams that day.


Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said taking care of the ball "is a conscious mindset" and can be done without compromising aggressiveness.

"Our players are proud men," he said. They want to take care of the football. We'll keep emphasizing it. We'll get better."

He said most of the Eagles offense has been "dynamite," but they can't afford for their bad plays to result in turnovers. Mornhinweg has noted that the Eagles rarely punt, they either score or turn the ball over.

He said that "some crazy things" have happened to Vick on interceptions this season. (One example would be the ball Jason Avant kicked straight into the stomach of the Bills' Nick Barnett while Avant flipped in the air Sunday.) Mornhinweg shied away from the notion that players pressing was what was causing the turnovers.

He said the Redskins defense looks good on film with a "heck of a scheme" and some unique things. He said it will be a big challenge for his offense. He also cited that the Redkins lead the league in third-down defense.

Mornhinweg said first-round pick Danny Watkins will keep getting better at right guard, "every day and every week," and will be "a fine, fine football player."

Watkins, a native of British Columbia, attended the Flyers' 5-4 victory over the Vancouver Canucks Wednesday night and was impressed by the Flyers and the atmosphere, he said.


Special teams coordinator Bobby April said on kickoff returns, "we just haven't done a good job of getting in position to block" for Dion Lewis. In some situations, April hasn't found the right matchups against the other teams' coverage personnel, he said.

April said the Eagles were fortunate not to get called for delay when they hit onside kick to start the second half before the ball was placed in play. He said it was spur of moment decision, with the option always there based on formation. He said the decision was not made in the locker room to come out with an onside kick.

After seeing kicker David Akers two weeks ago, the Eagles will see ex-Birds punter Sav Rocca on Sunday. April said Rocca is a good punter, one of the best around midfield and keeping it inside the 20.