One popular suggestion is that the Eagles might try to get their QB of the future in the second round, when they have two picks, 46th and 51st overall.

But if recent history says you aren't going to get a star then, is it worth spending the pick? The second round is a place where you're expecting to draft quality starters, whether it always works out that way or not.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is well aware that in taking a non-first-round QB, "You are betting against the odds." But he also points out that you have to have a really terrible, disastrous season to get one of those early first-round draft picks, where those franchise quarterbacks usually come from. If you lack those picks, you still have to come up with quarterbacks.

"You're hoping you hit the jackpot on some of those guys," Roseman said.

Second-round possibilities might include Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, who very well could be a first-rounder except for having originally tried to make it in baseball and now being 28 years old, and Michigan State's Kirk Cousins, a leader and a scrapper who lacks an elite arm. If they waited a little later in the draft, they probably could get someone like Wisconsin's Russell Wilson, whose 5-11 stature is pushing him down lists.

While visits and workouts often are just due dilligence or sometimes trying to throw off another team, the Eagles did Cousins in for a visit and members of the team's staff visited him for another workout in East Lansing. He also visited Denver and Buffalo.

"I respect the Eagles and the way they develop quarterbacks," Cousins told Bill Simonson of The Huge Show on Wednesday. "It seems like whoever they've plugged in there has had a lot of success, and that's a testament to that coaching staff and that system."

Interestingly,'s Todd McShay, has the Eagles selecting Cousins at No. 51.

"I felt like their coaches were very affirming of my ability and were very complementary of my play and what they saw on tape," Cousins said. "The other two visits were very good as well, but I did feel like Philadelphia was very affirming.

"I think they're trying to find the third guy, a guy who could someday become the backup or a guy who could become the starter. It looks like they're going to look for someone in the draft. Just a matter of who that's going to be."


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