DeSean Jackson was in Moorestown, N.J., today running a football camp for kids.

Here is some of what he had to say ...

On the status of progress toward a new contract:

"Not really," he said. "There has been no progress so far. I'm looking forward to just working with them and hopefully making something happen."

On training camp:

"Definitely looking forward to camp to get out there and work hard," he said. "It's going to be a little longer this year so were looking forward to the challenge this year."

On his football camp for children:

"Just for the kids to come out here and give them hope," Jackson said. "Let them know it's possible to make it in life. They see my size and see that I can do it. Then why can't they do it? So that's why I do these camps. Just let kids get out of the streets, stay away from drugs, stay in school and play sports.

"I started at a young age also so I'm here just to have fun with the kids and just let them know to have fun. Don't stress yourself. Live life."

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