Former Eagles running back Reno Mahe has been charged with second-degree felony theft for allegedly stealing more than $2,000 in gas from a construction company in Utah between June 2006 and October 2010, according to the Deseret News.

According to the charges, Mahe's friend, Mark Evers was working for A-Core Concrete Cutting at the time and was filling his own vehicle and those of his friends using a company gas code.

Surveillenace video showed Mahe, Evers and three others filling their personal cars with gas after business hours using the code. The charges state that Mahe "was present during the theft of $2,688.43." In total, the charges state that the five men stole more than $15,000.

Mahe, 31, was charged last week, but was briefly in jail Thursday and is scheduled to take part in a conference on the case on Aug. 5.

The company filed a civil lawsuit against the five men in November 2010.

"I thought you were allowed to do it," he said then. "I didn't steal no gas. I don't need gas."

According to the charges, Evers told police that he explained to each of the other men that he was not allowed to do what they were doing.

Mahe said then that he has met the owner of A-Core and was even asked to speak at a mission farewell for the man's grandson.

"It wasn't like I needed (A-Core's) gas," he said at the time. "I'll pay, if that's the deal. I'll pay my portion back if he wasn't allowed to give it to me. I'm not worried about that part. As a man, you pay back your debts."