Michael Vick was willing to step gracefully into the background for the final few weeks of the season, when the Eagles' emphasis was on developing Nick Foles, but now that Foles is on IR with a hairline fracture in his throwing hand, it's more and more apparent that Vick would have preferred to return to the starting job when he recovered from his concussion.

Some people speculated that Vick, with the playoffs out of reach and his time in Philadelphia presumably drawing to a close, was happy not to put himself in danger while the team tried to explore whether Foles was its future.

But Vick said Wednesday that watching Sunday's loss to the Redskins from the sideline, inactive, was tough, and he cherishes the chance to finish the season as the starter this week at the Giants.

"I wanted to get that feeling back, of what it's like to be behind the center, be in control," Vick said. "As a quarterback, I love being in control, and I miss it. I'm going to have an opportunity to go out there this week and play, and I'm excited about that."

Vick reiterated that he feels future employers already have a good sense of him, that the Giants game won't determine what sort of job he gets in 2013.

"I'm not putting pressure on myself to go out and try to put on a great performance, in the sense of an audition" Vick said. "The thing I'm truly confident about is my ability to play the game of football, what I know, what I've learned, the success I've had over the past years, what I can accomplish."


Eagles coach Andy Reid said linebacker Mychal Kendricks and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox will not practice Wednesday because of concussions. He said Cox still has a headache. The Eagles put Foles on IR and brought back defensive tackle Antonio Dixon, who seems to be in much better shape than when he was released just before the season. Dixon was not a favorite of former defensive line coach Jim Washburn, but obviously, that is no longer a factor.