Michael Vick says his transformation as a quarterback actually began long before he returned to football and joined the Eagles.

Vick points to the end of the 2006 season when the Atlanta Falcons finished 7-9, losing their last three games, including the season finale to the Eagles.

"Over time I thought about how could I get better moving forward," Vick said during an interview with 'Mike & Mike" on ESPN Radio. "I thought about changing a lot of my work habbits. I'm always chasing perfection. I want to be great. I stared putting things in perspective on what I can do to become the complete quarterback.... About 4, 5 yers ago, I said that there are things I have to change so I won't take the physical pounding that I take."

Vick said he understands his role now and has received the trust of the coaches, which has given him more responsibility.

"I take the game very seriously now. I always have, but moreso now because I have more responsibiltiy in the passing game. I play with a great group of guys and have a lot of tihngs that I want to accomplish throughout my career. I'm 30 years old. Not to say time is running out, but I didn't put in as much as I should have when I was younger.I'm taking advantage of the opprtunities I have now -- trying to be precise, always chasing perfection and trying to go out each and every Sunday and trying to give my team my very best."

Some other topics:

On leading the Pro Bowl voting: "It means a lot to me, more than anyone can ever know ... it just goes to show I'm moving forward on and off the field."

On the Philadelphia fans: "The fans here in Philadelphia have been great from Day One. The reception was warm from Day One. I felt like I was at home ... There is just so much support throughout the entire city. Anywhere, it's just a great response. I want to thank everybody who gave me the opportunity, who's been very accommodating."

On his comments regarding the issue of penalties for late hits: "I really didn't mean that to say I wanted more flags. I wanted to be treated like any other quarterback in this league. I know my style is a bit rugged and reckless and it's different. I'm not going to get any call that I want. Half of the time when I'm on the ground and get hit, I'm not looking for a flag. I'm looking downfield to see if one of my guys caught the ball that I'm throwing. I have no control over [the flags]. We rely on the refs for our safety and to take care of us as players. I can't get into that ... I just let the refs do their job. If they make calls, they make them. If not, then I can't complain about it or even make changes."

On owning a dog: "You want to give your kids everything they want ... small things that you can't provide. That's the situation that I'm in now. It's a tough situation to be in. I just felt like given an opprtounity I would make the most of it and I would show people that's not what I'm about ... Everyody knows the story and the situation. Tough for my kids, tough for my familty and tough for me. I've always owned a dog growing up. I respect Judge Hester's decision to the fullest [to prevent him from owning a dog for 3 years following his release]. I just have to wait. It may happen it may never happen. I do know how to take care of my responsibilities. I do know what it takes to do the right thing now. The person that I was invovled in a couple of years ago is not the person you are talknig to on this phone now."

On his work off the field speaking to students: "I hope to leave a legacy that kids can look back on and say, 'OK, here's a guy who rose to the top, fell dramatically and rose again. Despite everything that he went through, he had the ability to keep pressing forward, stay persistent and made the msot out of a bad situation that he created, that all was self-infllcited.' The only thing I hope is that people give me the oppportunity when they look back is to say , 'Here is a guy who made a mistake and he bounced back from it, even though a lot of people don't agree with him.' I just hope they would give me the benefit of the doubt at the end of the day. God gave me a second chance, so I think everybody else should."


Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson caused quite a stir when they arrived at the Sixers-Lakers game. Chants of MVP rained down on Vick.

Jackson, from Los Angeles, was eager to see the Lakers, and he left with a pair of Kobe Bryant sneakers autographed after the game. Jackson posted a picture on Twitter. "24 black Mamba!! The greatest NBA player in the Game!!"

The autograph is addressed to "My Man D"

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