Well, we know Andy Reid was not worrying about scoreboard watching or the potential playoff scenarios, because the coach seemed unaware of the ramifications of the loss to the Redskins during his postgame news conference:

"We are still alive? I haven't looked at the rankings," Reid said. "In that case, the loss should have no effect on us."

Reid said the team was aware that Tampa Bay had lost earlier in the day. That would mean two Eagles victories and the Birds were in the playoffs.

"I thought the guys were ready to go," Reid said. "I sensed all week they were ready to go. You shouldn't need anybody doing anything. It's that time of year. You have a shot ... They were wired up before the game and ready to go. It just didn't work out for us."

Added quarterback Donovan McNabb: "I don't think any of us were paying too much attention to any of it. No matter who it was, Tampa, Atlanta or whoever … we had to win. That should have been our focus today, just going out and winning this game and giving ourselves another opportunity."

Reid said he was surprised by the Eagles' slow start, saying he expected the team to get going more quickly early on. Several times, he repeated "very disappointing" when answering questions about the loss.

As to the last play when Reggie Brown was stopped just short of the goal line as time expired, the coach said: "I would like to tell you he crossed the goal line. I had a bad angle. I haven't seen a replay. I can't tell you that."