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What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post-Giants II)

On how Brian Westbrook is feeling after getting a career-high 39 touches in the Giants game:
What Andy said:
``He's a little sore. We'll probably know more tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day you get a better read on things like the swelling in his knee.''
What Andy meant: ``With any luck he'll have feeling back in his extremities by Wednesday and be able to walk without a cane by Saturday. In other words, he should be good for 25-30 touches Monday night.''

On whether fans should hope for high winds again Monday night if they want to see you run the ball a lot against the Browns:
What Andy said:
``I think the fans just want to win. I don't think they care whether we throw it or run it.''
What Andy meant: ``We're coming out throwing next week even if we're playing in a frickin' blizzard. This running the ball is about as exciting as playing Scrabble with Joe and Jeff.''

On how the mood has changed around the NovaCare complex in just two weeks:
What Andy said:
``Now that we're winning, nobody shows up for these press conferences. The room was packed a few weeks ago.''
What Andy meant: ``If we win a couple of more games, it may just be me, Butch and my good buddy Spuds in here.''

On how you get your team up for a game against the 4-9 Browns:
What Andy said:
``When they get in and see the film, that'll tell the story. They've got a lot of talent on that team. It's not a time to sit back and relax.''
What Andy meant: ``Did you see us play against Cincinnati and Baltimore? Romeo Crennel may have more trouble getting HIS team up to play US.''

On the Eagles' fast-improving playoff chances:
What Andy said:
``It's a long season, a long season. Normally, if you get to Thanksgiving and you're within striking distance, that's a good thing.''
What Andy meant: ``Pass the turkey.''

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