Traditionally, there are two surefire ways to revive a waning celebrity career: Death and sex. And with her latest cover shoot for Girls and Corpses magazine, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may have just hit the jackpot at the bottom of the barrel. Who needs James Deen, anyway?

Abraham has been missing from the public eye in recent weeks, which either is a good thing or a sure sign of the Apocalypse given how inescapable her persona has been over the past year. This week, though, she returned via a Keek video to pimp her new Girls and Corpses (er…"Corpusses,") cover, a bit of news that expertly explains her absence and requires no further explanation whatsoever.

Billing itself as "the world's first comedy magazine about death," Girls and Corpses has been spewing its tongue-in-cheek, Troma-inspired humor all over the internet since 2002, with "Deaditor-in-Chief" Robert Steven Rhine at the helm. Since then, everyone from Sherri Moon Zombie to Scout Taylor-Compton and Tom Green have posed up. Recently, though, there's been more of a mainstream pull at the fringe publication.

Abraham's cover comes just a few months after Courtney Stodden's appearance in the mag, which somehow was even less elegant than Abraham's spread. At least the new issue plays on Grant Wood's "American Gothic" and, as Abraham says in her Keek video, features the addition of the reality TV star posing with watermelons alongside the publication's namesake corpses. So, you know, it's wholesome. Just look at this lineup, as per the publisher's site:

"Our Girls and Corpses VOL. 7 Winter issue screams red, white and blue with BARN DOOR MOM FARRAH ABRAHAM having a roll in the hay with FARMER GONE."

Now, if that's not making it, I don't know what is.