Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill was charged with misdemeanor assault following a fight at a Missouri airport, according to reports.

The altercation occurred at St. Louis Lambert International Airport after an employee asked Mill for a picture, according to TMZ. Sources told the site that shortly after that interaction, a fight broke out between Mill and his entourage and two men on the airport's staff.

Police later arrived to break up the scuffle, and charged both men and Mill with misdemeanor assault. The three men were given court summons in lieu of arrest.

Justin Card and De'Angelo Webb, the airport employees involved in the altercation, tell TMZ that Mill denied Card's request for a photo, which led to Card complaining about rappers' treatment of fans. The situation escalated from there: Card claimed Mill and his entourage approached him and "threw the first punch." Webb, Card's cousin, jumped in as well.

Now, Card and Webb say they have been fired from their jobs at the airport, but their employment status is unclear. "They took our badges and everything," Card told TMZ. "I think we're out of a job all the way."

The charges could cause more serious problems for Mill, who is currently on probation in connection with a 2008 drug and weapons conviction. Mill was sentenced to house arrest last year for a 2015 probation violation in connection with that case, and also received an additional six years of probation. This latest incident could potentially put Mill in violation of his probation, which, as TMZ points out, could lead to jail time.

Mill, however, appeared unworried on social media. He posted numerous times to Instagram on Wednesday following news of the airport altercation breaking:

Mill's reps have not yet responded to request for comment.