Back in May, the production team behind Gosnell, an upcoming TV movie centered on the story of late-term abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, set a record as the largest crowd-funding campaign ever after attaining a $2.1 million fund-raising goal. Now, they've optioned a book for their source material: Philadelphia magazine scribe Steve Volk's e-book, Gosnell's Babies.

Gosnell's Babies will help to provide the film's crew with insight into Gosnell's crimes, along with his unique mindset. And Volk, as the only journalist to conduct interviews with Gosnell since his imprisonment, is likely the best choice.

Volk recently addressed his time with Gosnell in a post on the Gosnell movie's Facebook page:

"Gosnell was the most difficult interview I ever did – funny and warm enough that I enjoyed every conversation, but ultimately so self-aggrandizing and righteous that he could casually twist or try to reframe the facts of his case to make himself the victim of a wrong-headed prosecution. It took me a long time to understand him, to get that he was so convinced of his own rationalizations that he couldn't fathom why no one else saw events the same way he did."

But while Volk's book will provide the source material, the screenplay itself will come from best-selling author Andrew Klavan. However, Klavan also reportedly has conducted interviews with victims, police, neighbors, and prosecutors to round out his version of the story.

No word yet on when production is set to begin.

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