Every year around this time, there's a lull that washes over the American film industry, causing a stillness in the creative air that filmgoers won't escape until the summer blockbusters hit. Ordinarily, January is seen as the epicenter of all things terrible in moviedom, but that isn't the case: February is the month we all should hate.

Now, we probably all knew that movies in February were bad, but as it turns out, they're not only bad, they're the worst. As the story goes, film studios hold their highly anticipated films for holidays and summer months, when their audiences actually have time to get out to a theater. So, naturally, Slate decided to do a little data mining.

What they found was that films released in February over the last 13 years receive an average score of 45 on Rotton Tomatoes—low enough to earn them stinker status. January's average stood at 48, and the average for all movies is about 53. Some films that are "45 bad": National Treasure, Daredevil, and Planet of the Apes.

There are, however, exceptions to the rule. Films like Silence of the Lambs, In Bruges, and The Wedding Singer all came out in February, meaning that an early-in-the-year release doesn't necessarily doom a movie to abject terribleness.

Unfortunately, though, February 2014 doesn't look like it will generate any similarly revered titles. Movies like The Monuments of Men and A Fantastic Fear of Everything seem to be falling short, leaving February's vindication to, of all things, The Lego Movie.

But, then, I suppose there's always Netflix.