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Andy Grammer’s good-guy charm coming to TLA

If you tuned into "Good Morning America" on Friday, you saw the charismatic crooner Andy Grammer performing his latest rockabilly hit, “Honey I’m Good,” the did-he-or-didn’t-he-OK-he-didn’t genre-blending earworm in which fidelity wins in the end.

If you tuned into Good Morning America on Friday, you saw the charismatic crooner Andy Grammer performing his latest rockabilly hit, "Honey I'm Good," the did-he-or-didn't-he-OK-he-didn't genre-blending earworm in which fidelity wins in the end.

The former street performer and happily married musician, who admits temptation is a very real thing, keeps it authentic with the track.

"Sure, yes, there are smoking-hot girls," Grammer revealed. "But my girlfriend's smoking hot, my wife, whatever. I'm going to make the right choice — I'm going to get out of here."

And that no-judgment, down-to-earth attitude is why he says the song resonates with people. Yes, there's a positive message, but he avoids being preachy.

"If you go, 'Everybody be faithful,' like … Shut up," he noted of the stigma of writing a feelgood song. "But if you write like, 'Yeah, wow, we do this. Does anyone else still do this?' That seems to be where everybody opens up like, 'I feel you.'"

The relatability could be why the track, getting decent airplay on Philly's hit music station Q102, has been catching on. Because whoever you are — guy, girl — you've had that creeping thought sometimes that says, "OK, maybe my significant other wouldn't like this." And Grammer is cashing in on that.

"For me, it's a little more of a question of when is the line being crossed?" he notes. "It doesn't take making out in the back of a taxi to know, 'Oh you know what? We just crossed a line.' It happens way earlier."

Being able to identify that line is what the heart and soul of "Honey, I'm Good" is about, he says.

You'd think all this good behavior would get exhausting. The guy's got to have some vices, right? (Turns out it's eating a lot of fried food on the road.) But his image and personality are wholly his, a relief he's found when it comes to his career.

"I think it would be really brutal to put on a persona and get famous for that persona. Like, 'I'm number one, I'm the best!' because that sounds like a lot of pressure."

Luckily, just being himself isn't a hard role to play. The real life character of Andy Grammer is a humble and excited performer — an omnipresent smile on his face while onstage — constantly exclaiming his luck that he gets to perform for a living.

His current live trek, the Good Guys and a Girl Tour, with friends and tour mates Alex & Sierra, the Season 3 winners of The X Factor USA, further perpetuates the guy-next-door vision. He's just hanging with his buds, who all happen to be musicians, playing music and being wholehearted and unpretentious while doing it.

"I think that's what makes a great show, when the performers onstage aren't putting on a show, they're legitimately just having a freaking awesome time. And that's been happening every night."

That sort of infectious energy is what's drawing crowds to the tour in droves — many dates, including Saturday, March 21 at the TLA, are sold out. But according to Grammer, much of this fan enthusiasm comes from the growing presence of "Honey, I'm Good."

"The fact that 'Honey, I'm Good' made such a splash and that people were catching it on radio, on Spotify, on Pandora, it's driving everybody to go hear the album," Grammer said. "This tour has been a lot of people singing all the words to the songs from the album, which I know is in part due to 'Honey, I'm Good.'"

Andy Grammer and Alex & Sierra play a sold out show at the TLA (334 South St.) on Saturday, March 21.