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Hall & Oates’ ‘Rich Girl’ wasn’t about a girl after all

TMZ asked, “Did you write that song ‘Rich Girl’ about anyone in particular?” The answer was surprising.

Leave it up to TMZ to dig out this kind of information. The gossip website's cameras caught up with John Oates, one half of Philly's Hall & Oates, in Nashville, Tenn. Late Thursday night. So what did the camera guy ask Oates? "Did you write that song 'Rich Girl' about anyone in particular?" The answer was surprising.

"Daryl wrote it," John confessed, talking about his other musical half. "It was about a guy who was the heir to a fast food fortune." We can't help but feel like everything we know in life is a lie now. "He realized 'Rich Girl' sounded a lot better than 'Rich Guy.'" Can't argue that.

When the song was written in 1977, Daryl Hall was dating a girl named Sara Allen. It was about Allen's ex-boyfriend who was a spoiled fast food heir who was a total "burn out." TMZ did some investigating and found out the guy's name is Victor Walker and his dad owned The Walker Bros. Original Pancake House in Chicago and also 15 KFC franchises.

Longtime Hall & Oates fans are well aware of this fact.

We just need a moment to digest this information.