It's the holiday season, which means nestling by a fire with a cutie, sipping on hot chocolate while wearing a Snuggie, and raging this Saturday at Making Time's annual $2 Bill Holiday Hyper-Rager!

Every year, Making Time brings Philadelphia radtastic bands for a fraction of the price you would pay any other day.On the main floor, London-based Factory Floor and Philly-based Far-out Fangtooth will be the guests of honor at this holiday soiree. Factory Floor, reigning from the DFA label, will satisfy the palette of any music lover as long as you love to dance. Far-Out with make you feel all warm inside with their fuzzy indie-psch-rock.

Down in the basement, better known as Ruby Lounge, is where Weekender, Residuels and the Rock Tits crew will keep you on your feet. On the tippy top floor is where you'll find BROADZILLA ruling the HYPERCAGE. Dave P, Sammy Slice, Mike Z, and Dave Pak will be keeping it live on the main floor.

Saturday, Dec. 14
9 p.m. - 3:30 a.m.
Voyeur Nightclub, 1221 St. James St.
RSVP for $2 admission, $10 without RSVP, 21+
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