An arrest from 2012 has Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill suing the local police department.

On the evening of Halloween, Philly cops pulled Mill over at 11th and Girard Streets because they claimed that the smell of weed was lingering from his car. The musician says that he was ultimately cuffed for not allowing authorities to search the vehicle. During that time, the rapper was supposed to be getting on a private jet, which cost $22,000, headed to Atlanta for a party that he was being paid $39,000 to make an appearance. According to a complaint, cops took photos of the hip hop star, while he was in custody, and posted them to Instagram and several other social media sites. Mill was released nine hours later, the following day, after not being charged for any criminal activity.

In addition to missing the event and losing money, the arrest cost him a major deal with Puma. The lifestyle brand had originally offered Meek a $2 million deal, but because of the negative publicity surrounding the Halloween arrest, they cut it down to less than half of original offer, which came out to be $650,000.

Meek Mill is now suing the Philadelphia Police Department for civil rights violations, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, and possibly with the hopes of getting back all of that lost money.

Mill was imprisoned for eight months in 2008 due to gun-related charges.