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Allie Volpe, Colin Kerrigan and Gab Bonghi skim through their most listened-to tracks of 2014 and narrowed it down to their top faves (in playlist form).

We (Allie Volpe, Colin Kerrigan and Gab Bonghi) skimmed through our most listened-to tracks of 2014 and narrowed it down to our absolute favorites (in Spotify playlist form). There was some light disagreement but we managed to settle our disputes.

Here are some highlights:

"Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)"
by Flying Lotus, You're Dead!

There are many tunes on FlyLo's album that are worthy of an EOTY list ("Tesla," "Coronus, the Terminator," and "Dead Man's Tetris"), but if there's one song that encompasses the feeling and message behind the Cali-producer's new release it's this upbeat, Kendrick-backed track.
- Gab Bonghi

"12 O'Clock Boys"
by Spank Rock, The Upside

Spank Rock continues to deliver a unique blend of club-meets-hip hop on his freshest release The Upside. This Noah Breakfast (formerly Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang) produced track is an energetic earworm that's perfect in a danceclub setting or your friend's house party. The title is taken from the name of Baltimore's (Spank's hometown) well-known urban dirt bike crew, which lended to the vibe and inspiration behind the tune. There's also a really great documentary on the 12 O'Clock Boys that you should watch immediately.
- Gab Bonghi

LION BABE are a promising newcomer. The NY duo bring a unique sound to the soul/R&B/beat-heavy spectrum. Jillian Hervey's voice is soothing, sexy and powerful. The vocals overlay the jungle-themed production beautifully, allowing her voice to be the standout. Expect them to be a summer festival favorite.
- Gab Bonghi

Jamie xx is a fantastic musical storyteller. This is simply a beautiful song that starts out subtle and builds on until the very end. The music video was inspired by how the deaf react to music through vibrations and imagination – which perfectly reflects the song title and its emotion.
- Gab Bonghi

Sam Smith is our generation's underdog success story. I was lucky enough to see him live back in February inside Philly's Boot & Saddle. As I wrote in my review, "a group of enthusiastic, mostly female, fans occupying the front row were on the verge of hysteria". As 2014 comes to a close his debut album has skyrocketed on the charts, he earned himself some Grammy-nods, and is a highlighted player on many year-end lists.
- Gab Bonghi

"Fiona Coyne"
by Saint Pepsi, single

As a proponent of disco and Degrassi, I fully support any reference to the teen drama series that doesn't involve Drake (no bad feelings Jimmy, you're still the main man). Named after the Season 9-12 character, this jam inspires a lovelorn dance party grounded by the funkiest of basslines.
- Allie Volpe


"I Wanna Get Better"
by Bleachers, Strange Desire

I didn't know I needed this song until I heard this song. A totally corny pun, but definitely true. I'm so glad 2014 was the year that Jack Antonoff stepped back into the spotlight with his brassy baritone and '80s influences. This track proved that Bleachers was not only a band worth listening to, but one that didn't need to rely on the success of fun. (or following of Steel Train, for that matter) to gain fans.
- Allie Volpe

by Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas

We always knew this JoBro had this soulful side in him. Drawing on inspiration from Stevie Wonder and Prince — and ditching his Disney Channel ways (helloooooo underwear photo spread) — Jonas glimmers through his falsetto, lays on the sexy beats and shares that even former teen sensations have sensitive sides, too.
- Allie Volpe

"Every Time The Sun Comes Up"
by Sharon Van Etten, Are We There

Van Etten takes the cake for best lyric of the year with "I washed your dishes but I sh-t in your bathroom." Her knack for spinning intimate scenes from singular moments is especially apparent in this introspective, self-conscious slow-burner that'll make you reach for the tissues — like many of Van Etten's tunes tend to do. Nope? Just me?
- Allie Volpe

by St. Vincent, St. Vincent

This is the opening track to her self-titled record and it's incredible. It sets the tone. The live performance of this song is even more mind blowing. Like the album, she opens her shows with this song and just absolutely shreds on the guitar.
- Colin Kerrigan

"0 To 100 / The Catch Up"
by Drake, 0 To 100 / The Catch Up

For some reason, I didn't listen to this track until it was already out for a month or two. Once I did, I literally listened to it 1,000 times in a row. Okay, maybe not 1,000, but a lot. Drake didn't put out an album this year but he did release a bunch of music. 2015 should be a good year for fans of Champagne Papi. This is my 2014 anthem.
- Colin Kerrigan

by Ava Luna, Electric Balloon

"Seasons (Waiting On You)"
by Future Islands, Singles

This is definitly my favorite track of the year, solely because of their performance of it on David Letterman. The amount of passion and energy lead singer Samuel Herring put into that show, when most artists merely go through the motions, was so inspiring and refreshing.
-Colin Kerrigan