Colt 45 is keeping its malt beverage brand flowing fresh by launching a new campaign called "Keep It Colt 45" featuring none other than Snoop Dogg.

After serving as brand ambassador in 2011 for PBR's version of Four Loko – Blast, it was called – the hip-hop mogul is moving on to bigger, better things. In the new 60-second clip launched by Colt 45, Snoop kicks it with his California homies in a backyard, on a porch during a sun soaked afternoon drinking 40s, bottles and cans of that golden social lubricant.

The commercial doesn't just serve as an advertisement, the new brand presence features four up and coming artists hand selected by the Dogg himself: YG, Lil Debbie, Snow The Product, and Skeme – all of which now represent The Colt Crew.