Fox 29 anchor Mike Jerrick was reportedly suspended by the station this week after he dropped an expletive during a live broadcast while discussing White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

But as any regular Fox 29 viewer knows, this isn't the first time Jerrick's mouth has gotten him into a tight spot. The Good Day Philadelphia co-host has a history of sometimes inappropriate, often hilarious on-air behavior.

The anchor, after all, has been with the station on and off since 1999, when he first joined the Good Day Philadelphia staff. After a series of gigs with Fox News Channel in the early 2000s, Jerrick returned to Fox 29 in 2009. As a result, Jerrick has had plenty of time for on-air gaffs and bloopers, which oftentimes only make Philadelphians like him more.

Here, we've rounded up five times Jerrick couldn't hold his tongue, from Ryan Lochte to Kacie McDonnell:

Laughing at Ryan Lochte

Back in 2013, swimmer Ryan Lochte was hot off the London Olympics and getting ready to star in his own E! reality show, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? So, naturally, Lochte stopped by Fox 29 for an interview with Jerrick and then-co-host Sheinelle Jones (now at the Today show), which turned out to be so terrible that Jerrick couldn't contain his laughter. "How are they going to put together 13 weeks of programming?" Jerrick asked following the interview.

Spanking (and apologizing to) Janice Dean

The year was 2014, a simpler time — one where Jerrick thought it would be acceptable to spank Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean with her own children's book, Freddy the Frogcaster and the Big Blizzard, which she was then promoting. After the smack, Jerrick noted that "that was inappropriate" and apologized, but Dean didn't seem to mind. As Mediaite reports, she later called Jerrick her "TV boyfriend" and kissed him on the cheek during the segment, prompting Jerrick to joke, "Now I have an occluded front."

Mocking the Kardashians

Jerrick's treatment of Lochte, while hilarious, wasn't exactly surprising given this 2011 clip in which the anchor lampooned Kourtney and Kim Kardashian following an interview. After wrapping the chat, Jerrick almost immediately starts laughing, asking then-co-host Sheinelle Jones "Can they still hear us?" They could not, so Jerrick broke into a nasally, whiney imitation of the celebrity sisters, which in some ways is even more refreshing than it is funny.

Poking fun at a bed bug victim

Bed bugs aren't the funniest topic, but back in 2010, one woman's experience with them turned into a source of comedy for Jerrick and the Good Day Philadelphia crew. As, a bed bug blog, reports, the program in 2010 aired a segment about bed bugs using a photo of Leslie Fox, who filed a lawsuit against a New York hotel in 2006 after being caught up in an infestation. The photo reportedly shows Fox covered in bed bug bites, prompting Jerrick to ask "Is she seeing anybody?" The doctor discussing the bites, however, zinged him back, saying "You're always such a parasite, aren't you?"

Drooling over Kacie McDonnell

Before Kacie McDonnell joined Fox 29 as a traffic reporter in 2012 (and left in 2014), she was known for a series of car commercials for Fiat of Maple Shade, which Jerrick apparently loved judging by his response when he fist met McDonnell. Jerrick's colleagues surprised the anchor with a visit from McDonnell in 2012, prompting Jerrick to pursue an interesting line of discussion with statements such as "You smell good," "Say hello to your boyfriend," and "We need her out of here," according to reports. Jerrick also later made headlines for smelling McDonnell's hair on-air.