For several years I kept a small TV in the kitchen connected to nothing but its own antenna. It picked up a strange array of local signals, including on Saturday mornings, a UHF station that would broadcast Indian Bollywood musicals. I got kind of hooked on them because the music was exotic, the energy was so high and I loved the fact that everyone in the cast, even the older folks, even the villains, jumped enthusiastically into the dance numbers.

Last night, Smash made those Saturday musical matinees look bland. Karen and Dev are out to dinner at an Indian restaurant with Rebecca (Uma Thurman) when Karen falls into this extraordinary reverie.

While I have been no fan of Smash, I have to give NBC's Broadway folly credit for knocking this one of the park. The colors, the clothes, the choreography. It's a feast. The other non-show tune number in the episode – Karen singing Snow Patrol's "Run" – was also pretty cool.

It was almost enough to make me start watching this series again. But then there was a sex scene between Anjelica Huston and Henry Ian Cusick (yuuck!!)  and my deep-seated revulsion for Smash returned with a vengeance. I'll take my chances with the antenna.

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