NBC and CBS are going through the semi-regular late night host change, but ABC has decided to stay right where they're at with Jimmy Kimmel thanks to a newly confirmed two-year contract extension.

The agreement will keep Kimmel in the host's chair through January 2017, making ABC the most stable late night player in recent months. Over at CBS, David Letterman announced his retirement from the Late Show last month, with the network quickly filling the slot with Stephen Colbert. The Late Late Show's Craig Ferguson will also be leaving CBS, though no replacement has yet been named for his spot.

NBC, meanwhile, moved Jimmy Fallon into the Tonight Show slot a little while back, and Seth Meyers took the gig at Late Night recently, too. The E! network is experiencing similar issues with Chelsea Handler, who will leave her show shortly. Comedy Central, for their part, is still seeking a replacement for the Colbert Report.

Kimmel, though, is staying right where he's at. So, at least there's still some stability in late night.

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