Jonathan Frid, a distinguished stage actor who enjoyed his greatest success in a campy soap opera, passed away this week.

Frid, a Canadian native with an MFA from Yale University, zoomed to fame as Barnabas Collins, the vampire on the afternoon soap opera Dark Shadows which was a sensation in the late '60s. Here is a scene from 1967, the year Frid joined, and took over the show.

Barnabas was freed from the crypt where he had been held chained for two centuries and returned to his ancestral home, Collinwood. The show has been remade in comedic fashion into a film with Johnny Depp in the Barnabas role. Here is a trailer for the movie which hits theaters next month.

Frid never quite escaped the dark shadows, attending fan conventions for many decades. He died of natural causes in his native Ontario at the age of 87.

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