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Philly nerdcore rapper Mega Ran blasts Alex Trebek for calling 'Jeopardy!' contestant a 'loser'

Watch the clip:

Here are the lyrics:

Alex Trebek, you lost a lot of respect.
I gotta' check you off the rip for coming outta' your neck.

Talking sideways on geeks, man you a trip.
Guess you haven't heard, nerds make up half of your viewership.

Nerdcore is home to some serious lyrics.
I'll break this down in a format your familiar with.

This host gets roasted on "SNL" yearly.
Hosts a show for nerds and doesn't know it, clearly.

No one likes a know-it-all, condescending blowhard.
It's easy to be snarky when you're holding all the notecards.

But Susan got the last laugh. 20 grand in cash.
And to go to all my shows, you don't even have to ask.

Suck it, Trebek.

As Ran pointed out, Cole ended the show as anything but a loser. Despite failing to answer the "Final Jeopardy" question correctly ("The first line of its state song, 'Eight stars of gold on a field of blue,' refers to the star group on Alaska's flag, not California's"), she ended the night with $20,600, well ahead of her competition. She'll return to defend her win on tonight's episode.