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'The Voice': Last call

Four finalists face off

This is just my opinion, but I'm convinced all that furious last minute campaigning by political candidates is a waste of time. Who, after months and months of nonstop TV ads, sticks their head up on November 1st and ponders, "Hmm, guess I should decide who to vote for."

It's the same way with these final performance shows on TV's singing contests. I think the camps are already firmly established. Unless you monumentally screw up on your swan song, the results would look pretty much the same if they held the vote two weeks previously.

But before we recap the live performance night on The Voice, I want to show you one clip. The four finalists sang three songs: a tribute to their coach, a duet with their coach and then a solo showstopper.

Here is Juliet Simms joining Cee Lo for a cover of Steppenwolf's psychedelic stomper, "Born to Be Wild." I include it not for its musical merit (it wasn't even the best duet of the night) but for the spectacle. You have to see lo Cee Lo in a leather bike outfit. He looks like King Fu Panda.

As for the big numbers, Jermaine Paul sang R Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" and got hosannas for a performance I thought was histrionic and overloaded with vibrato. (Interesting moment: after he performed, the camera, instead of showing his family in the audience, showed Cindy Crawford struggling with her kids.)

Bold choice for Tony Lucca. He performed his own arrangement of Jay Z's "99 Problems". Couple of built-in faults there. You're covering a rap song with a minimalist melody. And you can't sing the tag line on TV.

What would be the most obvious song for Chris Mann to sing? Of course! "You Raise Me Up". The schmaltz-fest popularized by Josh Groban. I know this makes me sound cynical, but I thought bringing a sign language signer out on stage with him was incredibly pretentious.

Finally, Juliet screamed her way through Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird". What can I say? Worst use of a wind machine ever. When that gust caught her long train it nearly shot her up into the rafters.

Can someone please explain Christina's Aguilera's comments to her afterwards? "I feel for you," she said. "You killed it…under the circumstances." Huh?

So who do like tonight?

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