Eagles fans have been in somewhat of a frenzy since the team traded up to draft Carson Wentz last week. Luckily, however, we will soon be able to eat our feelings.

On Wednesday, May 4, Levittown's Big Q BBQ will introduce the Sam Bradford sandwich, which consists of fried chicken breast, pulled pork, spicy Philadelphia cream cheese, cheddar spread, and deep-fried jalapeños on a potato bread roll. Owner Drew Abruzzese hopes that that combination can commemorate "the end of the Sam Bradford nightmare."

To help the process along, Big Q will give the dish away to the first 150 guests Wednesday. After the giveaway, the sandwich will be priced at $5, where it will remain until Bradford is traded away from the Eagles. Following that, the sandwich will go on Big Q's regular menu for $7, which mirrors Bradford's number on the field.

The Eagles, however, have repeatedly stated that they won't be trading Bradford, with head coach Doug Pederson recently saying "he's our guy," and "he's not going anywhere."

Abruzzese says he picked the ingredients for the Sam Bradford symbolically. The pulled pork, for example, represents the inevitability that Bradford is "going to get pulled." The jalapeños, meanwhile, are symbolic of Bradford being "on the hot seat," and the potato roll references Bradford's apparent ability to go down "like a sack of potatoes."

Each order of the Sam Bradford sandwich will come with a moist towelette for cleaning up, though Abruzzese notes that Big Q will provide baby wipes for eaters who need to "take the cleaning up process to the next level."

For more information about the Sam Bradford sandwich, visit Big Q BBQ's Facebook page.