Jason Babin was fined $15,000 for his hit on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith that drew a personal foul penalty for roughing the passer on Sunday.

Babin said he was fined by the NFL because he hit Smith in the neck area with his helmet.

"It's not like it was a late hit, it's not like it was a malicious hit," Babin said Thursday. "The funny part was on that play Trent Cole was high-lowed ... and you can tell that [the 49ers] game planned it. So how are they going to fine me when you see a coach and players game plan to high-low arguably our best pass rusher on our team? That's a little sickening."

Babin said that a running back undercut Cole while a lineman blocked him high at the same time. Cole injured his calf in the 49ers game but not on that play.

Earlier Thursday Babin tweeted the following: "Attn: Guy at the NFL that decides on who and how much players get fined. Stop being a puppet, if you want to protect QBs, get better linemen."

"That was just meant to be sarcastic," Babin said of the tweet. "But my main point was the person that decides the fines -- I'm assuming they're supposed to be unbiased and make decisions for themselves according to the rules and regulations -- not let outside influences affect their decision-making. You know what they say, 'One man with courage is a

No word yet on whether Babin, who leads the NFL with seven sacks, will be fined for speaking out on the league's handling of illegal hits. Babin, signed by the Eagles to a five-year, $28 million contract in July, said that he was fined several times last season with the Titans when he recorded a career-high 12.5 sacks.

"I don't think they like the way I play at all," Babin said of the NFL. "I'm pretty sure they get nervous every time because they know I'm throwing and someone gets hurt. But that's what got me paid, that's what got me where I am today. I'm not going to change."

Babin also criticized how the fines are doled out.

"Oh, I'll call that one 15, I'll call that 40," he said. "There's no blueprint, there's no grid system to say, 'OK, this is how it works, let's plug it in.'"

The NFL has made a concerted effort over the last few seasons to cut down on defensive players leading with their helmets and to further protect quarterbacks. Two games ago, Michael Vick complained that he was not receiving calls that other quarterbacks around the league were.

After four games none of the hits on Vick have drawn a fine from the league.

"That's crazy to me," Babin said. "If I get fined for that we should have plenty thrown for Mike."

Babin said he planned to appeal the fine.


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