Andy Reid's endorsement of quarterback Michael Vick as his starting quarterback was just as strong as his Monday endorsement of Juan Castillo as his defensive coordinator. And we all saw that turned out.

Asked if Michael Vick will start against the Falcons, Reid sald: "As I sit here today, he's the starting quarterback."

On Monday, when he was asked if Castillo would still make the defensive playcalls, "that's the way I'm looking at it as I stand right here."

Reid said Tuesday that he's "looking at everything," an indication that Vick could still lose his job to Nick Foles. When Reid was told his answer about Vick could make fans believe he's considering a change, Reid understood.

"I'm just telling the truth," Reid said. "That's what I'm saying to you. Right now, Michael Vick is the starting quarterback."

Vick has 13 turnovers this season and has been the one of the main reasons why the Eagles offense is struggling. Reid started the Tuesday news conference announcing Castillo's dismissal by stating that "this one of of the moves." He said he'll continue to look at everything -- players, coaches, offense, defense special teams. The starting quarterback might be next.

"All I can tell you today is what I've got down today," Reid said, "and you can take it however you have to take it."