OK, folks, let's jump the gun and assume the worst – Negadelphia style. Brian Westbrook's surgery doesn't go as planned, the running back isn't ready for the season opener and LeSean McCoy and Lorenzo Booker fail to impress during training camp/preseason.

Who should the Eagles pick up off the scrapheap? Here are some of the top names being bandied about (listed in order of preference):

Edgerrin James
Last played for: Cards. 2008 stats: 514 yds. rush, 3.9 ypc., 3 TDs. Age: 30. Why: Looked fairly fresh late in season and in playoffs. Why not: Squeaky wheel. Our grade: B+.

Warrick Dunn
Last played for: Bucs. 2008 stats: 786 yds. rush, 4.2 ypc. 2 TDs; 47 rec. for 330 yds. Age: 34. Why: Has defied age. Why not: Has to break down at some point. Our grade: B.

Rudi Johnson
Last played for: Lions. 2008 stats: 237 yds. rush, 3.1 ypc., 1 TD. Age: 29. Why: At 5-10, 225, would complement the smaller Booker and McCoy. Why not: Detroit may have sapped all the life from him. Our grade: C+.

Duece McAllister
Last played for: Saints. 2008 stats: 418 yds. rush, 3.9 ypc. 5 TDs. Age: 30. Why: Imagine he and Leonard Weaver in the backfield on third and one. Why not: Has torn ACLs in both knees. Our grade: C+.

Ahman Green
Last played for: Texans. 2008 stats: 294 yds. rush, 4.0 ypc. 3 TDs. Age: 32. Why: Still has some gas left. Why not: Fumbles too much. Our grade: C-.

Michael Pittman
Last played for: Broncos. 2008 stats: 320 yds. rush, 4.2 ypc., 4 TDs. Age: 33. Why: Rushed for more than 88 yards in the two games before he suffered neck injury. Why not: More of a fullback. Our grade: C-.

J.J. Arrington
Last played for: Cards. 2008 stats: 187 yds. rush, 6.0 ypc.; 29 rec. 255 yds. Age: 26. Why: Still young. Why not: Broncos cut him last month after they learned he'll need possible season-ending knee surgery. Our grade: F.

Jim Brown
Last played for: Browns. 1965 stats: 1,544 yds. rush, 5.3. ypc., 17 TDs. Age. 73. Why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6cCXNBeVfc. Why not: Why not? Our grade: Incomplete.