Jason Babin spent less than two seasons in Seattle, played in only four games total for the Seahawks, but his stint there had a lasting impact.

The Eagles defensive end tweeted the following Tuesday: "Ready to physically show my disdain to Seattle, they treated the Babin family bad. #BlameMikeH #SinsOfTheFather."

The "MikeH" in Babin's tweet is former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren.

"My wife and kids were obviously with me both years I was in Seattle," Babin said. "It's not easy to play in a new place, not being wanted and kind of being treated badly. You have your position coach not talk to you, head coach tell you, 'I didn't want you.'"

Babin spent all of the 2007 season and part of 2008 in Seattle. He was traded to Kansas City and wound up with the Eagles in 2009. It was at Tennessee, under Washburn, that he flourished. In the last two seasons he has 22-1/2 sacks in 27 games.

Needless to say, there's extra motivation to show Seattle what they potentially missed out on.
"I think if someone was on a team for two years and didn't play and they didn't feel upset about it, they should be embarrassed," Babin said. "Of course, I'm sassy."

Another former Seahawk had a contrary experience.

Defensive end Darryl Tapp, Seattle's second-round draft pick in 2006, spent his first four seasons with the franchise before he was traded to the Eagles in March 2010 in exchange for end Chris Clemons and a fourth-round draft pick.

"Hell, yeah, I'm ready to go," Tapp said. "It's going to be fun. I'm excited to go back. That's the team that raised me pretty much, gave me an opportunity."