It's believed that Brandon Graham will be an outside linebacker in the Eagles' new defense. Graham, though, wouldn't confirm that will happen.

"I don't know. There's been a lot of talk about a lot of things," Graham said Tuesday. "I don't know where they want to put me at. All I know is whereever they put me, I'll go full out."

Still, it sounds like he'll be an outside linebacker. He's 270 pounds right now and is cutting his weight to 260. He has played defensive end since arriving at Michigan, but was a middle linebacker before he went to college and believes he has the skills to rush from a stand-up position and potentially drop into coverage.

"If I stand up, that's cool, you can see more of the field," Graham said. "You can drop and catch interceptions. I want to show that part of my game if I do that."

Graham's work this offseason has been as a stand-up linebacker. He says he won't know his role until mini-camp.

"I can do both," Graham said of rushing as a linebacker or a defensive end. "I know once we get into the groove of everything and get adjusted, it will be like night and day."

Graham does not fit the expected prototype of a Chip Kelly defensive player. He said he's been considered undersized throughout his career, and believes he'll have a spot on Kelly's team if he proves he can play.

"I feel like I'll get a fair shot," Graham said. "I guess we'll see as it goes. Just with him, what he was talking about yesterday, everybody will have a fair shot to make the squad, if you're undersized or not."