FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Cary Williams is used to seeing Patriots coach Bill Belichick hurry off the field after shaking the opposing head coach's hand. So Williams was surprised when he saw Belichick come up to him after the Eagles' 42-35 loss to the Patriots, and Williams took it as an opportunity to apologize to Belichick face-to-face.

Williams called the Patriots "cheaters" earlier this month, and expressed his dislike for his former AFC rival.

"I told him that I was sorry," Williams said. "I told him I respect him as a man, I respect him as a coach, I respect him as a GM. And I respect the organization. I told him I said something out of emotions, and I didn't mean that. …You try to use anything to fire yourself up. I let my emotions get the best of me. I said some things I kind of regret."

Belichick told Williams that he respects the Eagles cornerback, who used to play for the Ravens. Williams said it was not bad blood, but rather a competitive personality.

"Two guys with respect for one another," Williams said. "I told him how I felt, and he knew it was from the heart."

**Williams intercepted Tom Brady on the game's opening drive and returned it 77 yards for a score. Williams, who wanted more "wow" plays this season, said that play qualified. He was grateful for the other defensive players, who became blockers to open up the path for a touchdown.

The interception was always sweeter for Williams because of who it came against.

"I'd be lying if I said it wasn't," Williams said. I even held onto the football. Anytime you can get Tom Brady, he's one of the greatest all-time. I'm keeping that ball."

Williams injured his hamstring on the play. He did not know when during the return the injury occurred, but it did not sound serious. He is hopeful he will play in Thursday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.