Chip Kelly met with reporters at 11:30, but he first appeared on WIP's Morning Show on Monday morning. He reiterated what he said after Sunday's game, but there were two specific answers to tackle...

- Kelly was asked whether he will make personnel/lineup changes. He did not say no, and actually seemed open to the idea. Here was his answer:

"We'll look at everything. We'll go through it and see where we are. First thing is health-wise, where do we come back from a health standpoint," Kelly said on the radio show. "Those are the first decisions we make, based on what's coming out of the training room and where we are from a practice standpoint. But we first have to play better. And if someone can help us play better, we will."

When asked specifically about safety on Sunday, Kelly said there aren't any safeties on the street, so the Eagles must play with who they have.

And he's probably right about that. At this point, with the Eagles carrying five safeties, a more likely move would be a lineup change than a roster change -- especially on a short week.

- Kelly was asked about his clock management late in the game, specifically on the last offensive drive. Similar to his answer on Sunday, Kelly said the Eagles were not thinking about bleeding the clock because he wanted to stay aggressive to score a touchdown.

"I was trying to score; that's all on me, that's my call," Kelly said. "I didn't want it to leave it in the hands of, it's a tie ballgame. If you score, you're up four. You got to drive a length of the field to try to score a touchdown. When you look at it in hindsight, maybe we should have bled the clock and not giving them enough time to come down and do it. You learn from those situations.

"But we were trying to score seven, not three. We felt like we had three, and just thought we had the opportunity to put one in there, and we didn't get it. We didn't capitalize."

There will be more questions on this in three hours. Kelly's strategy was not faulty, though. But there are two specific decisions that could been different -- a first-down passing play could have been a running play to run the clock to the two-minute warning and likely would have made it a better second-down opportunity; and not calling a timeout to put Michael Vick back on the field.

We'll have more answers in three hours.