DeSean Jackson said he is going through a "tough situation" with the Eagles and while he danced around questions about his contract, he left little doubt about what he was talking about.

"I think it's obvious," DeSean said when asked to elaborate on his own comments that it has been a tough year. "Everybody knows the situation, knows the case, as a professional, as a man you just have to handle things. I can admit to some things probably that I've done that I need to do better."

Jackson said he spoke with coach Andy Reid and his full team after being benched Sunday for missing a special teams meeting Saturday morning.

"It's just kind of a tough situation for myself but I've just got to be a man about it and just learn from everything that happens," he said. He later added, "I think everybody knows the contact situation and as a human being there's just things you have to go through in life and I realize what it is, and I'm just ready to continue and go forward."

A spokesman for Jackson has said the wide receiver overslept, but Jackson would not answer directly when he was asked if he slept too late or was making a statement about his unsettled contract.

"Don't matter what happened, I missed the meeting and my punishment was my punishment and I'm not going to sit here and ask any other questions or answer any other questions," he said, seeming to indicate he wouldn't talk further about the flare up.

As for his relationship with the team, Jackson said he would do whatever is asked of him for the rest of the season.

"We're just going to move forward on the situation," Jackson said. In his meeting with Reid, "he addressed it, we talked as men."