BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin got into a brief argument late into the morning practice and spent the remainder of the practice and the walk off the field in an animated conversation.

"It's training camp. There's no bad vibe between us two," Maclin said. "We talked something out and that's all it was. I don't hate him, he doesn't hate me. We're still good. We're still friends. There was a little mix up and it's all good now."

Maclin wouldn't explain what brought about the spat, although it took place after a 7-on-7 drill. The two Eagles wide receivers walked off the field together and as they got closer to a gaggle of reporters, Maclin could be heard saying, "We're still cool."

They then proceeded to the autograph line where each signed for a number of fans.

"It was nothing major," Maclin said. "Like I said, it was over and done with. Like I said, 'We're still cool.'"

Jackson hasn't been talking to the media since he arrived at training camp.

As great as it is for the Eagles to have so many talented offensive skill players, there are always potential drawbacks. One of the concerns could be pass distribution.

As Maclin was asked about the quarrel, Jackson emerged from the locker room. Maclin was kiddingly asked by a reporter if the argument was about who was the bigger star.

"None of that," Maclin said.

The Eagles' two star receivers then walked separately to their cars -- Jackson's black Porsche and Maclin's white Range Rover -- and sped off.