Another ranking, another post on Birds' Eye View. The venerable ranked the top franchises in the NFL and the Eagles finished third. Adam Schein based his rankings on eight criteria: owner, front office, head coach, coaching staff, quarterback, offense, defense and intangibles. I think he missed something, though. How about championships?

Of the eight top teams only the Eagles and Falcons have failed to win a Super Bowl in the last 12 years. The list goes: 1. New England, 2. Pittsburgh, 3. Birds, 4. N.Y. Giants, 5. Baltimore, 6. Atlanta, 7. Indianapolis, 8. Green Bay.

Here's Schein's take on the Eagles: "The Eagles didn't get a grade in any category under 8.5. This is a great organization, from owner Jeff Lurie , to the PR staff to the talent and good guys on the playing roster. Andy Reid and his outstanding coaching staff proved to be the difference between the Eagles and rival Giants."