Ding-dong, the wide nine is dead.

With Jim Washburn's firing today it was likely the Eagles defensive line would no longer run the system employed by the departing defensive line coach. But Brandon Graham made it official this morning after the unit met with new coach Tommy Brasher.

"From what he was saying, I know we won't be in the nine-technique," Graham said.

Graham said he found out about Washburn's ouster this morning. He said he yet to speak with his former coach.

"I didn't see it coming, but I [saw] it coming for after the season because he would talk about little stuff -- that he might not be here after this year," Graham said.

Graham, who recorded a sack and a half in the Eagles' 38-33 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday  night, confirmed that Washburn was upset when the Eagles released defensive end Jason Babin last week.

"I feel like that hurt him a little bit," Graham said. "From what I heard, he didn't know that they were releasing him until he was actually gone. I know that was one of his guys. ... I do think it got to him."