When Michael Vick suffered from a fumbling problem earlier this year, he carried a football around the team facility.

Bryce Brown isn't doing that after three fumbles in two starts. But it's certainly being emphasizing.

"Scout guys are going after it a lot more, trying to [knock it loose], because we don't do contact," Brown said. "It's making me work a lot harder, too."

Brown has 347 yards in two starts, the second most of any player in Eagles history in two games. The blemish has been the ball security, and Brown refused to use the huge increase in carries as the reason.

"There's no excuses there," Brown said. "I wouldn't point at fatigue as being an issue with that."

But the fumbles are a problem, and Brown needs to fix them. Wednesday's practice was a start -- and he didn't fumble despite the scout team going for the ball.

"They almost got two of them," Brown said. "But we're over-emphasizing it high and tight. They didn't get me."