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Jeffrey Lurie explains his presence on Geno Smith scouting trip

PHOENIX -- The most intriguing part of the Eagles' private workout with Geno Smith last week was the presence of team owner Jeffrey Lurie, who seldom makes scouting visits. In fact, Lurie said at Monday's NFL league meetings that the last time he took such a trip was 1999, when the Eagles selected Donovan McNabb.

"It's a common thing when it's an important decision," Lurie said. "We haven't had a very high draft pick in…14 years. It's true on anyone we look at, we want all the information we can if we stay at No. 4 there."

The key part of the expression might be "if we stay at No. 4," but Lurie's presence in the traveling party should not be diminished. It shows that the Eagles are certainly considering the West Virginia quarterback, especially because Lurie said it does "not necessarily" mean he will accompany the team's decision-makers on other visits.

"But when you select a quarterback, it's a very big decision," Lurie said. "You want every piece of information you can and have as many eyes on it. Nothing more than that."

Lurie was also able to check another state off the lists of states he's visited because he had not previously been to West Virginia. The only two states remaining are North Dakota and South Dakota.