Is Donovan McNabb already at odds with the Wildcat and Michael Vick's role on the team? Before you start accusing me of being a rabble-rouser, take this response from the Eagles quarterback when he was asked if he thought the WildVick disrupted the rhythm and whether the offense needed to get back to basics during the first half of tonight's game with the Jaguars:

"Absolutely, Absolutely," McNabb said. "I did. In that situation, it's needed. I know what we were trying to do [with Vick] and we were able to get that done. And I thought it was time for us to kind of get our offense going. After the first play when I tried to go deep to DeSean [Jackson] and threw it out of bounds a little, we started to get positive plays. We got the drive going and I think that's very important in a game, whether it's in the regular season or the preseason, to get that rhythm going. If you're going to show different looks make sure it's the right time. That's the what the preseason's for to make sure you know when that time is, and we'll get that time together. I thought it was important at that time to get out and run our offense."

McNabb was then asked if he motioned to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and the Eagles' coaches to stop running the plays with Vick (all told, Vick was inserted six times). Donovan, naturally, dodged the question with a joke.

"Yeah, I sat all of them down and I told them, 'That's it,'" McNabb said.

Reid was asked if he saw McNabb gesture. "That had nothing to do with Michael," Reid said. "You can ask McNabb. He was fine with it."

Reid didn't think the Vick plays were much of a problem.

"If you're going to use that a little bit, then you have to work it in there," Reid said. "That's what we're going to do as we go down the road here. I expect the guys to make that part of the rhythm and make it work. I don't see that as what happened there."

Reid, meanwhile, announced tonight that Todd Herremans would have surgery on his left foot. The guard, who had a stress reaction, now has a stress fracture. Reid said he would miss a few weeks of the season. Nick Cole is the likely replacement at left guard.

Also, safety Macho Harris had an ankle sprain and guard Chris Patrick had a knee strain.