Don't expect Michael Vick to fix his fumbling problem during practice. That's because he can't do it in practice -- it comes down to whether he can focus on better ball security on Sunday.

"You have some drills you can create. We have a drill that we do," Vick said. "But it's just being out there on the field. You got to be able to take care of the ball within the moment."

Vick has the most fumbles of any player in the NFL. Until he solves his fumbling problem, he expects opponents to try to strip the ball.

"I expect everybody that gets close to me to be reaching for the football," Vick said. "It's totally my responsibility to take care of the ball and move on, especially for the sake of this football team. It's something I've got to get corrected. I set a goal for interceptions, and I've got to set another goal. That's the least I should be worried about at this point of the season, but that's the situation I created for myself and I definitely got to take care of it."