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One story about Nick Foles' preparation habits

There will be a lot of discussion this week about Nick Foles. His teammates have raved about him since training camp. Here's an anecdote that tight end Clay Harbor shared that sheds light on Foles' preparation:

The Eagles can download game preparation material onto their iPads. Brent Celek had a couple of players over for dinner last Thursday, and Harbor was one of them. Harbor doesn't have wifi at his home, so he downloads all the material onto his iPad at the NovaCare Complex. The process takes a few hours, so Harbor downloaded the gametape before dinner and planned on returning after dinner to pick up the iPad.

Harbor was at Celek's home for about two hours. He returned to the facility around 7:30 p.m.. He walked into the tight end's meeting room, and Nick Foles and Trent Edwards were watching film, studying the opposing defense and drawing plays. The work day had been over for a few hours, and neither quarterback was expected to even play the game.

"That just tells you something about Nick," Harbor said. "That's a game he didn't know he was going to play. No idea he'd be in. Just great preparation. And that's the kind of player he is."