Michael Vick said he was "humbled" to learn he had been named the Eagles starter, completing a long journey from public pariah to face of the team. It's a move that seems set for the rest of the year: head coach Andy Reid said Vick is the starter for the remainder of the year.

Vick said even he was "sort of" surprised by his own performance in his six quarters this season.

"I know what I can do, but until you get out there and you actually do it, you really don't know if you're going to make the plays that you know you're capable of making," Vick told reporters before his first practice as the team's starting quarterback.

Vick said there were days he never thought he would play again the NFL. Now, he said he has to play hard and reward his coaches' faith in him.

It's unclear what Vick's long-term future will be though. Reid would not answer a question about whether the team will look to extend the quarterback's contract. He is in the final year of his deal with the Eagles.

Reid also would not guarantee that Kevin Kolb will remain with the team after the Oct. 19 trade deadline, despite touting Kolb's "bright future" in the NFL.

"I can't predict anything down that far, nobody in this league can do that, that's ridiculous," Reid said. "The future, we'll just have to see."

Reid,  however, said he wants Kolb on the Eagles.

"This is not about Kevin Kolb, this is about Michael Vick. Kevin Kolb has got a bright, bright future. I mean bright future ... but Michael Vick I think surprised all of us with his play."

Several players were asked about the change, they all stuck to the company line: they will support whatever their coaches decide.

Reid conceded that Kolb would not have lost his job had he not suffered a concussion against the Packers.

He said no one else pressed him to make the switch.

"I didn't talk to a player, I didn't talk to a coach, I talked to one guy for two days about this," Reid said -- referring to Kolb. "Whatever anyone else says about this, is not right."

Kolb took the high road when asked about the switch.

"The NFL is a tough spot and you have to compete every day. I understand that and I understand that Mike's a great player and he's playing great. Again, I want to be out there, and the hardest thing is, you want to go battle with your guys. We spent a lot of time together and I want out there and fighting every down with them," he said.

He would not answer when asked if he lost his job because he got hurt, but said he was surprised by the decision. Asked if Reid made the right choice, Kolb said, "he feels that way and he's the head coach."