Slim, meet the Eagles' fans.

It's true, they don't like you at all.

Here's why: A week ago around this time, they met Destiny and it was love at first sight. She had everything the Eagles' fans wanted in a fate. She was new and attractive. The fans made eye contact, bought her a drink and then the Eagles couldn't score down in D.C. It was a painful three-hour relationship that was followed by the mother of all hangovers.

Now you're here Slim and you might look good to a Lions or Browns fan, but the people here see all your scars and warts and know you hang out with Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders.

Some Eagles fans, in fact, are more inclined to gravitate toward your fraternal twin None. They know if they start courting None that it might force owner Jeffrey Lurie and team president Joe Banner to make serious changes. To some, this seems more attractive than slipping into the playoffs only to be quickly eliminated.

Sorry Slim, you don't have much of a chance of getting lucky around here today.


Eagles 21, Cowboys 17.

A 9-6-1 season without a playoff berth is improvement over last season's 8-8 record, but it feels just as hollow for the Eagles and their fans.


Adam Schefter of the NFL Network reported that Eagles general manager Tom Heckert could be headed to the Detroit Lions in a similar role with more power to make personnel decisions. Heckert was a finalist for the GM job in Atlanta last season, which went to former New England Patriots scouting director Thomas Dimitroff.

There has been speculation this season that some of Heckert's personnel power has been usurped by Howie Roseman, who was promoted to vice president of player personnel in May.