Eagles defensive lineman Bennie Logan did not hold back when asked by 94WIP about his thoughts on the Cowboys, who the Eagles will be playing on Sunday Night Football.

Defensive lineman Bennie Logan had the strongest response.

"Hatred," Logan said. "We hate them they hate us, the fans hate each other. Pure hatred."

So pure is the hatred Logan feels that he could not stop himself from expounding on his Dallas fury:

"They just whine and complain about everything," Logan said. "Shut up and play ball. I'm gonna hit you hard every snap. Stop complaining about this and this. That just bugs me. You're a man. It's football. Shut up and get hit and take it like a man."

Yes, "Take it like a man," is Logan's advice to the Cowboys, a phrase that will likely put a conclusive end to any fans bickering on Twitter once and for all. Thank you, Bennie, for bringing to an end this vocal, poisonous rivalry that has lasted generations.

DeMarco Murray, who actually played for the Cowboys last year and would fatten this narrative with even just a morsel of an emotional response, added: