Pretty soon, you'll be able to construct a half-way decent hip-hop song about the various medical ailments that have befallen the Phillies this spring.

The term du jour is "corneal abrasion," which is something Jose Contreras apparently suffered at some point in between the time he took the mound yesterday and this afternoon, when the Phillies announced that he would miss "a few days" with the condition.

In layman's terms, a corneral abrasion is a scratch on the surface of the eye.

At this point, the Phillies have not said when he suffered the injury.


Here's one of those he-said, she-said stories I hate to cover as a reporter. But Mark Teixeira apparently was upset with Ben Francisco yesterday after the Phils' outfielder ran into him on the base path. I made a mental note of the moment when it happened. Teixeira was obviously mad. He gave Francisco a pretty hard stare-down as the outfielder ran back to the dugout. Of course, Francisco's back was toward him.

"That's not a hustle play, there is no reason for it," Teixeira said of the contact the two made after the first baseman fielded a weak ground ball yesterday and waited for him in the base line. "He could hurt me or he could hurt himself. That's not baseball."

So, whatever. I'm sure I'll have to stand in front of Francisco and get his reaction today. Because somebody out there likes this sort of stuff.

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