Figured I'd pass along another little tid-bit before calling it a night. . .

According to the

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, the Brewers have inquired about Jamie Moyer and have some serious interest in the veteran lefthander. We'd heard earlier that Moyer and his agent have been expanding their options beyond Philadelphia, but this is the first time we've been able to put a name and a face on a potential suitor.

Both Moyer and the Phillies have been frustrated with the way talks have gone thus far. Both sides would like to remain united, but there appears to be some difference in opinion on what kind of money it should take to keep Moyer in Philly.

The Brewers are scrambling for pitching now that C.C. Sabathia has elected to sign with the Yankees and Ben Sheets remains a free agent. Right now, Milwaukee is looking at the possibility of heading into next season with Yovani Gallardo as its staff ace.

We'll see if this latest revelation gets things moving on the Moyer front.