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Did people really boo Myers for walking Griffey?

My opinion on the situation is this:

The boo has gotten to be a visceral reaction amongst Philly fans. It isn't simply a sound of derision any more. More and more, it is being used as a general reaction to express displeasure.

When a child's mother tells you she is cooking brussle sprouts, the child might boo. But he isn't booing his mother. He is expressing his displeasure for the situation.

I say all of this because more than a smattering of fans emitted boos when Brett Myers walked Ken Griffey Jr. in the eighth inning. It caught my attention. And it caught Myers.

Here is what he said after the game:

"It kind of irritated me a little bit," said Myers, who had allowed just one hit up to that point. "I just don't understand. I know they want to see a home run hit, but not in a tight game like that, especially (Tuesday) and (last night). They should be pulling for us. Yeah, he's going to make history and hit a home run, but if he does it here or he doesn't, he's going to do it at some point. You're supposed to be here patting us on the back. Believe me, I tried to go after him. I wasn't pitching around him. I'm not scared of any hitter."


Not a bad game by Myers at all.

Very good in terms of the Phillies long term prospects. If he can pitch like he has the last two nights, this team should be in decent shape.