Shane Victorino isn't a patient hitter. It kind of fits with his personality. But over the past couple weeks, he appears to have become more disciplined at the plate. When he was struggling early in the season, he was swinging at any pitch that came close to the plate. The result were strikeouts, and a lot of weakly hit balls that went for easy outs.

But after going 3-for-4 last night, he has a 10-game hitting streak. He has reached base 50 percent of the time over the last two weeks. He has struck out just once during that timeframe.

I talked to a few different people about Victorino's progress at the plate. Charlie Manuel brought up Jimmy Rollins' name. Early in his career, Rollins only had a sliver of the plate discipline that he has today, and his numbers illustrate that.

Keep in mind that Victorino is only in his third season as a regular major league player. His numbers are actually better than Rollins' were in his third full season in the majors.

I'm not saying Shane Victorino will be the National League MVP five years from now. It's just interesting.

Here's the story in today's paper.


The way this offense has been hitting the ball, there is probably no good time for an off day. That said, a day of rest before quite possibly the biggest series of May isn't a bad thing.

Chase Utley had one of the most impressive home runs of the season last night, crushing a fastball down the middle into the second deck in right field.

Adam Eaton picked up his first win. And though he wasn't as sharp as he was six days ago against Houston, Charlie Manuel seemed pleased with the performance.