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Forget Freddy - Benson, on the other hand. . .

Another gorgeous day here at Chavez Ravine. Was just talking with Phils PR man Greg Casterioto, and I think we both agree that this is the best park in the majors. I still haven't been to Wrigley, but I can't imagine it touches this. The weather is perfect, the scenery - mountains rising in the background, palm trees in the goreground - is beautiful. Walk to your car and you overlook the city skyline. The field is immaculate. It's amazing this place was built in 1962. It feels a lot newer.

Anyway, enough about the ballpark. . .

Freddy Garcia signed with the Tigers today, meaning there isn't a chance the Phillies will bring him back for round two. In reality, there was never a chance. When the Phillies sent a scout to watch him work out in Miami, it provided something fun to talk about. But the fact is, the team was never seriously bringing considering him back. They've already got a guy coming off shoulder surgery pitching relatively well in the minor leagues.

Speaking of which, Kris Benson pitched well again last night. He told various reporter who watched the game that he felt like he was ready for the big leagues, and that he hoped to pitch for the Phillies before the end of the season. The Phillies haven't invested a lot of money in him, but they've invested a lot of time, and it would probably pay to get a good look at him at the big league level before he becomes a free agent again in the offseason.

It's hard to see where he would fit in, particularly with the high regard Charlie Manuel has for J.A. Happ, who isn't in the majors for the sheer fact that there is nowhere to put him. But the Phils could have a need for him in the rotation next season. After all, let's say Jamie Moyer retires, and Adam Eaton doesn't rediscover himself in the minors. . .suddenly you are left with four starters -- Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, Brett Myers, and Kyle Kendrick. Happ is an option. But as much as he impressed everyone with his two starts this season, they were just two starts. And it takes more than that to become a full-time big league starter.

I'm sure Manuel and Rich Dubee aren't thinking along those lines. From a logical standpoint, it would make sense to find out what you have in Benson. But the Phillies are in a pennant race. And nobody's focus is on next season. In a perfect world, would Benson get a start. Do I think it will happen anytime soon? The feeling I get right now is no.


More from the park later. I'll be on ESPN News at 3:45 doing a phone interview in case anybody misses the sound of my voice. That means you, mom.